Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mars, Venus.. whatever !

        I don’t believe in that theory that says all the men are from mars and women from Venus. I mean, you can say it about majority but exceptions would always be there. There are some men who are Venusian and Martian women are there as well. Once I took on a quiz on internet that asked me all sort of random and weird questions and declared my mind is 68% male. Well I wasn’t too surprised at this result as I knew this fact since ever.
         My mind doesn’t work like a Venusian mind. It’s clearly Martian. For starters I don't like being miserable and that whole lets-talk-this-out part and then when someone suggests me to think about anything from my heart, I always wonder what my brain will do then? Heart has it’s clear function to pump and circulate blood throughout our body, then why to engage it in some extracurricular activity? It’s like asking Pope to take place of Brad Pitt or vice-versa. Whoever suggested that opposites attract didn't conclude this statement with the phrase ‘only to torture each other’. It’s very hard to keep a Venusian partner happy. If you are from mars and your partner is Venusian, trust me you are neck deep in trouble. If you will talk too much she/he will complain that you never listen and if you listen she/he will say that you never actually participate in the talks. And if relationship is this hard just think how hard breaking up is going to be!
      Never tell them that you want a breakup straightforwardly. It will blow them off. Just start with how good they are and how happy you are with them but how you are not able to do justice with the love they shower upon you. Conclude this speech with you-deserve-someone-better part. ‘I was lying in bed one day and was thinking about our relationship’ is always a good start. Don’t torture yourself with the thought that they deserve truth more than anything. It will just make them more miserable if you will tell them that how they damaged this relationship. They just need some good words and some appreciation so after that end of this talk would not matter much to them.

       And how to say ‘we should end this’ in Martian? Well, just say ‘we should end this!’

            Actually it’s weird but I feel that animals are better at breaking up than us. I’ve never seen a jealous hen fighting with her partner as he started going out with someone else. I even read in a research that a bull never mates with same cow twice. He can’t be fooled into it by any trick. Which is good in a way as the cow won’t be sitting near phone wondering if that second date might ever happen! Animals have a silent understanding that this thing is not working anymore. This suggests that animals are from a better planet than mars or Venus without any exception!


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  1. It touches the bottom of my heart and forces me to think deeper. Realism and life ,which you add to these "beautiful pieces of write ups" are commendable. I wish you keep writing.